Our Story

In September 2008 my Dad, Tony Lucas was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  I am the oldest of his four children. In those three years we watched our Dad undergo two major brain surgeries, radiotherapy and multiple rounds of chemotherapy treatment. Before Dad’s second surgery in October 2010 we were told that Dad’s tumor was tripling in size every sixteen hours. The surgery was successful but not enough. By the end of last year Dads tumour had progressed into a malignant Grade 5 glioma. We were told that there was nothing left to try medically – it was inoperable and could not be treated. After celebrating his 50th birthday my Dad passed away on the 4th of June, 2011 surrounded by his wife and four children.

With paralysis down his left side Dad could no longer stand or walk, yet alone ski or surf –his two most loved past times. Dad leapt over countless hurdles and never turned away from a challenge. I learnt invaluable lessons from his courage and bravery. His determination, fight and passion for life inspired and amazed his friends, family and medical professionals who knew him. He is my hero.

One of the biggest lessons I learnt from my Dad is that you can always do more than you think you can. My dad continued working as the Managing Director of a company until late June 2010 when the difficulties of the disease overcame him. Since the diagnosis, he passionately supported the work of the Cure Brain Cancer (formerly Cure For Life) Foundation. He channeled what little energy he had into raising awareness and funds for the research being conducted in hope that one day a cure is found “so that others do not need to go through what I am.” As a family we want to continue carrying this hope for Dad. We are enthusiastic about the work of the foundation and we thank Charlie Teo for giving us the gift of more time with our Dad.

I wish more than anything that Dad could be here to watch us grow up and experience everything we have ahead of us. There is so much more I wish I could say to him, so much more I want to show and share with him. I have learnt that brain cancer can happen to anyone and I will continue to support the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation on behalf of Dad and for the many other families affected.